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This wiki provides documentation for LGPT (aka piggy), a sample tracker designed from the ground up to be worked by joystick. It runs on many platforms including gp2x, psp, cannoo, windows, and osx!


stable binaries for gp32, gp2x, osx and win binaries. get one of these up and running before you wander into the ghetto.

ghetto builds are released more frequently than stables. if you're feeling adventurous: get more features, experience more crashes, explore without documentation!


Quick Start Videos get pigging quick, from scratch. now with robot voice!

Quick Start Guide get pigging quick, from scratch. if you like to read yourself.

Reference Manual mind blistering complete details on installation, navigation, controls and commands.

Tips & Tricks some fancy shmancy trickz.

howto get piggy spitting MIDI information for getting midi out working on various platforms.

config.xml setup Change your skin, set folder defaults, and more.

mapping.xml setup How to configure piggy to use joysticks, hid, midi, or just configure your keys.

ubuntu installation How to install piggy under ubuntu and and your raspberry pi.


in true pig fashion the lgpt community has made a mess of itself all over the internets … catch us where you can:

lgpt mailing list be notified of ghettos, music being made with piggy, and what bugs are out in the wild.

Offical Forum If mailing lists scare you, check out the official forum!

hexawe is a netaudio label releasing nothing but music made with lgpt … including the source .wav and .dat files! you can chat with artists in

#hexawe on, if you're down with Internet Relay Chat.

myspace if you're feelin flirty!

facebook for the frat boys

twitter for digerati insight of piggy io

lgpt livejournal community the developer (m-.-n) posts news here and you can too!

official lgpt homepage


style guide for this wiki …

hexawe boss process … transparency on how gets updated

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